Anodizing Line

We provide surface treatment services of matte anodizing, polished anodizing, and chemical anodizing (bright) surface treatments as well as color anodizing surface treatments such as yellow, bronze, and titanium in line with the requirements of our customers using our high-tech anodizing baths with the length of 6 meters.

We work diligently to minimize the color differences by using additives and conducting daily bath analyzes in a laboratory environment.


Electrostatic Painting Line

As Alumet Aluminyum, we apply special color applications with all RAL colors in our electrostatic paint facility, which we apply with our strong business partners, in our facility equipped with the latest technology, under the control of QUALICOAT standards, profiles up to 6 meters in length are painted.


Wood Foil Coating Line

With our line for decorative PVC foil with wood effect applied on floor profiles, we can easily supply the profiles suitable for the parquets used in flooring with the standard/custom-production PVC foils with wood effect as required by our customers.